1. Why choose HeroPainting.com?

Answer : If you want a hand-made, framed or unframed reproduction of an amazing piece of art at any size, or if you are looking to turn a photograph into an original painting, HeroPainting.com is the best, most affordable gallery in thailand.

2. What's the minimum quantity that you can accepted?

Answer : No minimum quantity, we offer a special price for wholesale and long term business partners.

3. Why can you sell oil paintings at the cheaper price?

Answer :We supply paintings directly, no middleman. So we have not extra cost. That is why we can offer competitive price.

4. Are the oil paintings made by a computer or are they hand made?

Answer : Our oil painting are entirely hand made. They are not machine generated. Individual artists painted the paintings.

5. Why would I buy a reproduction?

Answer : Reproductions are an opportunity for the general public to actually see and even own some of the otherwise unaffordable and often safely stored away art masterpieces.